Meet your inner sacred guide & transform your yoga practice into your life practice

The Tarot Fool is a navigator who holds the secrets to restore your body, renew your mind, and rekindle your spirit using the Tools Of Jung, Yoga & Tarot
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Restore your body


Renew your mind


Rekindle your spirit

Are you feeling…

  • Has your yoga teaching become a burden instead of a blessing in your life?
  • Are you serving others at your own energetic expense?
  • You have mastered asanas to balance your body, but is your life in balance?
  • Is your imbalance contributing toward your feelings of resentment and irritability?

This Resource Will Help You to

Renew your relationship with yoga in a new and exciting way using symbols, archetypes and the wisdom of the Tarot

Learn to activate an archetype to begin the yoga (union) of your conscious mind (ha) and unconscious mind (tha)

Utilize ritual to bring the sacred into the mundane

Meet Your Teacher

I created this resource because I was that burned-out yoga teacher and exhausted studio owner.

I vowed my epitaph would not be:


Now I want to share this wisdom with you

Roberta Reeves 

  • B.S, M.Ed., D.Ay, R.Y.T (former) 500hr.
  • Yogini, 31 years of practice
  • Counselor with 37 years in public education
  • Yoga Teacher & Studio owner to hundreds of yoga students
  • Diplomate Ayurveda, Sādhaka, Wise Earth Monastery
  • Podcast host: The Gangsta Guru

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