Restore your body 

Renew your mind

Rekindle your spirit

Transform your yoga practice into your life practice

I am delighted that you decided to accept my invitation to begin to transform your yoga practice into your life practice.

In this experience, you will meet your inner trickster, The Tarot Fool, who is your soul’s navigator and who will guide you on your journey toward the balance you are seeking.

I created this teaching experience so you could begin to employ tools from Jung, Yoga, and Tarot which will renew, restore and rekindle your relationship with yoga in a new and exciting way. 

You will use symbols as the language to reconnect with your unconscious psyche (the tha of hatha yoga).

I am drawing from my years of experience teaching yoga, as a studio owner and a Sādhaka of Ayurveda. I have pursued the tarot since 1989 when the cards beckoned me in a dream.  Carl Jung and his depth psychology best explained me to me.  I was forever transformed by reading his book: “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”.

As you go through this teaching experience you will meet the archetypal fool and learn to constellate the energy of the fool who is waiting for you in your unconscious psyche.

This is important because The Fool is your navigator on your journey to restore your body, renew your mind & rekindle your spirit.

Speaking the symbolic language of the unconscious psyche, the fool will lead you on your journey to rebalance your life.  You will learn to utilize ritual to bring the sacred into the mundane.

And so, in the words of Patañjali, the father of Yoga, in the Yoga Sutras “And this begins the study of yoga”.

Ready, set, Go!

Preliminary instructions

  1. Give yourself a space of uninterrupted silence and solitude (for a minimum of 45 minutes)
  2. On your desk, a table or writing area have the following:
    • Colored copy of The Fool from the flyer/ad for reference
    • Blank black and white copy of The Fool
    • Pack of colored pencils / crayons / markers

Part I – Waking Up The Fool

  • Using the colored Fool’s card as a guide, color in the blank Fool.  You are free to change colors as you desire.
  • Allow your thoughts to arise and dissipate. Just notice them. Let yourself become absorbed in this process of coloring, just as you did in childhood. Notice any feelings that arise.
  • This act of coloring will signal your inner Fool / sacred trickster to wake up. This waking up is called constellating an archetype in Jungian depth psychology.

Jung wrote this


“(Drawing pictures) Helps one to concretize inner events. Most people suffer from the prejudice that (inner events) are not real because they cannot be handled, or even talked about in a logical way.

In such a case the drawings is invaluable. It concretizes; it makes a statement so that other people can see it. It is there in reality as if painted on the wall; one begins to think that it does exist”

C.J Jung ( visions seminars )

Part II – Four Rituals To Bring The Sacred Into Mundane

Ritual 1

Sleep with your colored Fool under your pillow. This will signal your unconscious psyche that you are consciously interested in making contact to invite The Fool to share the wisdom to restore your body, renew your mind, rekindle your spirit

Ritual 2

Invite The Fool to meet you by saying (something like this) “I would like to meet you and partake of the wisdom you hold for me“ 3 times before sleep. Leave a pencil and paper or voice reorder by your bed side.

Ritual 3

The next morning record any dreams, dream fragments, symbols or words that come to you from unconscious as you sleep.

This signals your unconscious that you are seriously seeking the wisdom to restore your body, renew your mind and rekindle your spirit. Do not edit or judge what comes to you.

Ritual 4

Light a candle and offer gratitude to your inner trickster, The Fool for this first contact and the presence of The Fool in your life.

Integrating the experience

As with everything Yoga, this is a practice. You have taken your first step and beckoned your navigator, The Tarot Fool to awaken within you. Repeat this practice to show The Fool that you are seriously interested in developing a relationship and to learn more of what The Fool knows and how The Fool can help you.

Learn to dialogue with The Fool to seek The Fool’s wisdom and counsel.

After all, the word Sophomore means “Wise Fool”. There is a reason that, in the court of the king, the king’s most trusted confident is The Fool: the court jester.

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Namaste! Roberta Reeves